Hideez Teams Up with InBase to Enhance Security of Megapolis.DocNet Users

Hideez is proud to announce a new partnership with InBase, a Ukrainian IT company renowned for its business automation and electronic document management solutions. This collaboration aims to enhance the security and user experience for Megapolis.DocNet, InBase’s flagship corporate document management system.
Megapolis.DocNet is a comprehensive corporate document management system designed to handle the entire document workflow seamlessly. From the initial creation and digital signing to secure archiving, the solution ensures efficient document management and provides users with complete control over their documents.
The solution is built to manage heavy workloads and operates reliably even on less powerful servers, effectively handling numerous simultaneous operations. It also boasts enhanced collaboration capabilities, integration options, and process automation features, streamlining organizational workflows.

Bringing Passwordless Authentication to the Forefront

By integrating with Megapolis.DocNet, Hideez aims to tackle the challenge of secure access to valuable documents by offering a variety of passwordless authentication methods. These methods include:
● Passkeys: Secure cryptographic keys based on biometrics.● Hideez Authenticator: A user-friendly app for secure mobile-based authentication.● Hardware Security Keys: Including Hideez Keys, YubiKeys, and other FIDO-certified devices.These options ensure that traditional passwords become obsolete, thereby eliminating the risk of them being compromised or forgotten. 
Thanks to our partnership, Megapolis.DocNet users will benefit from advanced passwordless SSO, significantly enhancing their data protection. The integration with Hideez Authentication Service will provide users with a higher level of security and convenience, safeguarding their sensitive documents and communications.
BAKOTECH is the exclusive regional representative of Hideez in Ukraine, Baltic States, Middle and Central Asia. As a Value-Added IT distributor, BAKOTECH provides professional pre- and post-sales, marketing, technical support to partners and end users. 

About InBase

InBase is a Ukrainian IT company with over 25 years of experience in developing business automation and electronic document management solutions. Apart from Megapolis.DocNet system, their product lineup includes:
● Scriptum: A high-performance low-code platform for business process automation, enabling companies to create their own IT solutions without the need for developers. Scriptum includes pre-built modules and detailed instructions, making it easy to automate workflows and integrate various systems.● Scriptum.Repository: A secure electronic archive providing a centralized space for storing and managing electronic documents, accessible 24/7 from any device, with robust search and bulk export features.● Megapolis.DocNet Connector for Electronic Court: An add-on to the state "Electronic Court" system, facilitating full-scale legal document management and exchange with courts, complete with notifications, lawyer calendars, access control, audits, and report generation.
InBase has achieved success in executing more than 1,000 projects, encompassing system solutions tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as extensive deployments catering to large organizations and intricate nationwide information systems. Noteworthy clients include Naftogaz, Kyivstar, DTEK, Farmak, Comfy, Ukrtelecom, Astarta, Ukrzaliznytsia, and numerous others.